Independent Game Development


Welcome to a fantasy world full of orcs, sorcerers and undead. Line up your troops and compete with them against your friends in this turn-based strategy game. Work on your strategy and move up in rank.

Idle War Commander

Lead your army through relentless battles and conquer the whole world. Take command of five companies, whose units and equipment you can level up. Conquer numerous battlefields until you have finally defeated your enemies.

Idle Galaxy Miner

Build space stations and mines on planets to earn as much ★ as possible. Level your transports and the defence systems of your mother ship to defend yourself against pirates. Extend your empire to other planets and star systems. Earn ★ even if you’re not playing at the moment.

Idle Galaxy Miner: Strategy

Build a space colony and defeat your enemies. Extract resources and produce building materials, fuel and food. Expand your colony with housing modules. Improve your ships and your production through research.